Two/Three Day Tour

Day one

Kigali to Lake Kivu, Bisesero memorial, boat or road trip to Gisenyi

(See day trip 3 for information about Lake Kivu and Bisesero.)

The next leg of the journey is to Gisenyi at the northern end of Lake Kivu. Gisenyi is on the border with the Congo. Goma is the sister city over the border. Travelling either by boat or road are possible. The lake is remarkab ly peaceful  and the journey skirts the coast passing many islands with opportunity to stop for food and refreshment. Another remarkable experience.


The alternative road journey passes through hilly country with excellent sightseeing. Coffee and tea plantations. Your guides will ensure that you have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and culture of the district making another day unforgettable.


Day two

Gorilla tour then return Kigali

It is possible to visit live volcanos whilst the level of activity is mild (which is most of the time) The last significant volcanic event was 15 years ago and  there is plenty of evidence of that at Goma. A specialist guide is engaged to visit the volcanos as is the case with the gorillas.

Those choosing a two day trip return to Kigali at this point in time.


Day three

Ruhengeri hills, tea plantations, coffee plantations, craft, Batwa dancing

Another day of rich scenery, hills, tea and  coffee plantations, and craft and dance by Batwa peoples. The Batwa commonly known as dwarf peoples are the indigenous inhabitants of forested central Africa. Much of their traditional habitat has been removed for cultivation or grazing and Batwa have been marginalised for centuries as competition for resources grew.

The Batwa culture of music and dancing is still very strong and unique and you are sure to find souvenirs  to join with the memories which will endure.


Four and five day visits include a day trip to either or both Burundi and Uganda visiting Burundi’s capital Bujumbura and or Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Many westerners have the impression of a rather uniform Africa. The reality is of course anything but. Kampala in Uganda is a busy commercial centre supplying northern and central Africa with many needs. Uganda has a very different culture as does Burundi and taking the opportunity for a day visit rounds off nicely a central African visit.