Butare, historical, cultural and genocide memorial tour

Butare is a regional centre with good hotels and lots of craft. Close at hand are historical attractions, geographical attractions, and the picturesque headwaters of the Nile River. Butare is a stepping off point to visit Murambi memorial a boarding school where 30,000 – 50,000 Tutsis were gathered in the promise of safety only to be butchered en masse. The French Army constructed netball courts on the mass graves to assist in disguising the massacre.

This is another life changing experience. There are preserved skeletons of victims and sometimes skulls showing fractures and damage. Witnessing such a moving memorial sounds macabre, however many people comment that they feel much more empathy for the victims in this context than when impersonal representations of violence such as photos and films just elicit sadness and other negative emotion. Don’t be put off going, those who have visited these memorials find it to be life changing in a positive way.

En route to Butare, visit Gitarama, the original seat of the Rwandan Republic.

Just outside Butare is the National Museum which is a must see and another opportunity to view national dancing, one of the highlights of an intriguing nation. 

Also close at hand is Nyanza, the King’s historical dwelling which has is a museum of history and . culture. Trained staff interpret the historical and cultural relevance of lifestyle, government and colonial impact on the country.

If time permits, Kamegeri  Rock is en route and has historical/cultural significance in the Country’s history.



One person: $390

2nd person: $200

3rd person: $150

4th person: $100


Price includes; transport and guiding. Food and entrance fees are additional.